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Joe and Steph

photo by Susquehanna Style at the Donald Blyler Events launch party

Joe Cooper has always been behind the decks spinning music and carrying the party.  He started DJC Productions in 2003 while providing music for local community pools, family and friend get togethers and even some weddings. Over the years while expanding his collection of state of the art equipment he also expanded his company’s offerings.

Joe is a 2009 graduate of Elizabethtown College.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Corporate Communications.  While at Elizabethtown he continued his love for sound and lighting by working in the Technical Services department mixing for bands such as Five Times August and Safteysuit.  Joe also completed an audio production internship with WITF.  He also designed lighting for the annual winter and spring dance troupe shows. And deejaying hundreds of weddings is just another part of his repertoire.

Joe brings his expertise in sound, lighting and throwing a party to DJC Productions and is committed to making your event, regardless of its type, memorable.

Stephanie Couch brings creativity, style and class to all of her endeavors. When joining DJC Productions in 2009, she brought a collective set of public relations skills along with digital media creation techniques. By initially helping Joe out with events, she quickly became an asset to the team with her skills.  During her time at Elizabethtown College, Stephanie studied Communications and worked as Station Manager of ECTV. She graduated in 2010 with concentrations in Corporate Communications and Mass Media. She has honed the skills learned in the classroom during her work at Moxie and Susquehanna Bancshares. These two internship experiences taught her valuable techniques that she uses in her daily tasks with DJC Productions.

Stephanie brings her media skills to the DJC Productions team. During events, she is a voice of reason during organized chaos and has a precise attention to detail. Her creative eye, willingness to learn and no-boundaries point of view make her a great photographer. She also handles DJC Productions’ online presence and is a certified event and wedding planner.

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Weddings, Wedding VenuesDJC Productions, Best Wedding DJs in Lancaster, Harrisburg, York - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner
Weddings, Wedding VenuesDJC Productions, Best Wedding DJs in Lancaster, Harrisburg, York - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
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